Preventing Infections From Medical Devices


Founded in 2016 by Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne

Dr. Wynne and his team of scientist-engineers at WynnVision (WV) are pioneering the development of rapid treatments for commercially available medical devices to prevent infections. By engineering the surface of the device, the chemistry is changed to introduce killing bacteria on contact along with minimizing biofilm formation. This technology is aimed at today’s needs of the healthcare community.

Our Mission

Healthcare associated infections or HAIs remain a problematic and costly burden to all individuals involved. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that everyday 1 in 31 patients will acquire an HAI leading to higher mortality rates and a lower quality of life. Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) and Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) are among HAIs with the highest incidence of infections. Therefore, WynnVision seeks to bring a real solution to this problem with innovative technology.  Together, with combined decades of experience in research and the advancement of the science, WynnVision has developed a proprietary treatment technology that is effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens plaguing patients today. It is the WV mission to save lives, to eliminate burdensome economic costs on both patients and healthcare providers and to improve the overall quality of patient care.


Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne

Distinguished Career Professor, Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering,
Virginia Commonwealth University
[email protected]

Dr. Kennard Brunson

Ph. D., Chem. Eng.
[email protected]

Rebecca Jarell

B.S., Chem. and Life Science Eng.
[email protected]

Dr. Olga Zolotarskaya

Ph.D., Chemistry
[email protected]

Dr. Chenyu Wang

Ph.D., Chem. Eng
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